I am Alistair Pugin

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Hi! I'm Alistair PuginA timeless g33k and the ambassador of Quan.

I have been around for 21 years in the IT industry, starting out as a COBOL programmer, not that I actually got a job as one. Instead, I started off in computer wholesale which is where i found my love for all things IT.

Gaming caught my fancy initially, back in 1995 which drove my need to understand hardware. From there it morphed into infrastructure management and everything running on top of the tin, AD, Exchange, System Center, TMG, etc. Circa 2000 and Document Management became the next go to technology and it stuck with me, breeding full blown ECM and Knowledge Management. When SharePoint grew up around 2006, I cross-skilled from Livelink to WSS and the rest is history.

I am passionate about platform enablement which can be seen through my speaking engagements at conferences across the globe. Helping organisations utilise technology to foster innovation and growth is my euphoria. This translates seamlessly into my community involvement, as mentoring up and coming experts by "learning through sharing" keeps me grounded and humbled by the enthusiasm people have for technology. The best feeling is to watch someone grow into their discipline, be it an end user, or community member.

Some of my Skills

I've spent most of my 20 years in Information Technology looking for the holy grail of user adoption and successful project delivery. This has in turn allowed me to scour the Interwebs and acquire the necessary knowledge to untap productivity enrichment, based on proven methodologies.

Office 365
Information Architecture
Migration Planning
Rapid Prototyping

What I Do

In today's fast paced world of Digital Transformation, companies rely on Enterprise Information Architects to form and shape their direction into a viable and qualified model.
Being able to BUILD from the Dream, PLAN from the Goal and EXECUTE against the Strategy is what I do.

Platform Evangelism

Deep knowledge of the landscape that is Microsoft provides me with the unique ability to accurately "connect" the proverbial dots effectively and eficiently.

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Form meets Function

The glue between business and IT through value discovery is pivotal to my engagement notation experience. Being able to sculpt clearly defined objectives.

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Technical Extrapolation

Articulating solution definition into g33k speak solidifies the organisation's investment in Technology.

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Catalyst Nurturing

Being able to enthuse users through thought leadership and excitability, provides me with the necessarily repertoire to attain the precise level of adoption required from business.

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Need Help or Any Project?

I am available for freelance. Can't wait for the next exciting project! Could be yours?